• Jamila Wardak

2 a.m. thoughts

Updated: May 14, 2020

I toss and turn

On the second hand mattress

I bought off

the last girl

Who lived in this room

I dream of a future

Filled with luxury

Of a stable family

A life that is anything

But this one

I’m tired

Of struggling

And living

I’d be lying

If I said

I hadn’t thought

About suicide

But every time I do

My moms voice

Trails behind

Telling me

That it’s alright

Things will be just fine

To pray

Have faith in God

And smile

I have her

By my side

It doesn’t feel enough

Some days

harder than others

But for now

I guess

I’ll close my eyes

Get under my covers

Breathe in deep

On this

second hand mattress

At least

I have my mom

And a place

To lay my head

And go to sleep

It’s not so bad

In the morning


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