• Jamila Wardak

Best they’ve ever had

Updated: May 14, 2020

I stood there with my heart on my sleeve

thinking I was the problem with “us”

only later would I realize

you weren’t shit

it was all an illusion, lust

all these guys crawling back to me

they fall on their knees

begging me to take them back

telling me they’ve made a mistake

apologizing for how they’ve behaved

saying I’m the best they’ve ever had

it’s too late now

they’ve already broken the trust

what we had are ashes and dust.

I was THAT girl

the only girl

who has ever treated them right

a Queen in plain sight

secure and confident

wanting only the best for them

the best for us

it was never enough

I was dying inside

couldn’t stop crying

Covered it up so well

you couldn’t tell

It didn’t break me

I wouldn’t allow it

I woke up

Picked up the pieces

Knew how to go about it

erased the memories of us

Definitely not worth my tears

someday they will see

the mistakes they made

Helped me grow stronger

face my fears

I can finally let them go

It wasn’t my choice at first

I just learned to accept it

I’m going to bed happy

Knowing I got rejected

Things happen for a reason it’s true

Thank God I’m moving on

Already looking my next “boo”

One who sees my worth

And deserves everything I do


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