• Jamila Wardak

Blessings 🙏

The world works in mysterious ways

Life going by like a phase

Day and night pass

Making memories to last

The present a gift

The past a lesson

Constantly counting my blessings

Praising God in each step

Humans are complex

No two are alike

Ways we live our life

The way we see the world

Each lesson in disguise

Each burden a blessing

Never realizing till after

It was a journey worth taking

Living with no regrets

Everything happens for a reason

No reason to be upset

Or resent the life we are given

This is how I choose to see the world

embracing my scars

Creating a life worth living

Don’t let it pass you by

Life is over in the blink of an eye


#writing #daily #blessings #poetry #poem #thoughts #life #religion

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