• Jamila Wardak

Date no. 1000000000000000000000001

I went out on another date yet again today. This one left me as confused and lost as the last one. It was weird, the moment I saw him pull up I instantly fell in love with him through the windshield of his Honda Civic. He is the definition of perfection..until he opens his mouth. Perfect body, dreamy eyes and a smile that will leave you breathless. The best part is that I finally found another Afghan I could get along with. I’ve been dating a lot recently but I haven’t met an Afghan that I actually liked since freshman year of high school. He was the also first guy I actually fell in love with, and that high school soulmates thing. Anywho… I couldn’t help but smile and laugh all day, my cheeks were red and sore. We had a plan  but it didn’t really work out. We were together, that’s all that mattered. He is 28, has absolutely no idea what he is going to be doing in life. He doesn’t have a proper job and he still lives with his parents. The worst part is that he is a loser just like the other ones. That type of man who is going to need more attention from you then you need from them. Who will probably take advantage of your kindness in the end. Who has cheated and said that they have learned from their mistakes but don’t regret it exactly. The wanna-be player type who thinks that he will never make the mistake of falling in love again. The one who you will give your all to, and just be disappointed with at the end.  I know this type far too well and don’t want to go through this whole thing with yet another gorgeous  stranger. I want this to remain nothing but a fond memory to both of us. I can’t see myself marrying this man because I know he and I are on completely different spectrums. What it about him that interests me so much though? My desire for physical attraction is far too important to ignore but I crave attention and protection. I crave a man who will be there for me. I want to find a partner for life, a best friend and a role model for my kids someday. I want to be able to trust them with all my heart and know that they will never betray me. I have a feeling that when I finally meet you, everything will just fall into place one piece at a time. That man might sound like a fantasy but he is out there somewhere waiting for me, I can feel it.

✨🎉CHEERS TO THE MYSTERY MAN🎉 💼 I’m on a hunt to find you, don’t worry 😉😍😘


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