• Jamila Wardak

Down the Depression Hole

I can’t get past this feeling

I get stuck almost every day

I’m on antidepressants

but this feeling won’t go away

I’ve tried deep breathing and yoga

meditation and journaling too

this depression continues to suck me in

and there's nothing I can do.

I need to learn to work through it

even in my darkest hours

no one can help me get through it

or help me feel empowered

How does one truly recover

will I ever feel normal again?

pieces of my past I’ve uncovered

that I thought would bring me zen

instead, I feel more empty

every day that goes by

can’t seem to understand

or find the reason why.

I wake up every day,

with this helplessness inside.

Let my friends and family know

because there’s nothing left to hide.

I know the feeling is temporary

but right now it's here to stay

and I might not feel alright

but I will be okay.

It's getting through

the day by day

that’s the hardest right now

not being present in life

is difficult to workaround

I feel like nothing’s good enough

Like I can’t catch a break

and when I’m alone at night

to panic attacks, I wake

Physical comfort is the only way

to get me to snap out of this state

but I can’t even have that right now

and that drives me insane

I am stating all these things

to help me stay aware

I have people that love me

and that will always be there

I have put faith in God

to get me through tonight

tomorrow is a new day

and I will continue the fight

I will take my pill

climb a bit more

breathe a little deeper

I have so much to live for.

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