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Falling for Hemp🍁

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

My top 5 favorite hemp products to help hydrate your skin this fall

Hemp is known to moderate oil production, moisturize and soothe inflammation, contains antioxidants and has antibacterial properties.

Top 5 Hemp Products

1. Hemp Hand Protector - The Body Shop

Price in-store and online: $6 for 30 ml -or- $20 for 100 ml

On the top of their bestsellers list for years now, this vegetarian and cruelty-free hand cream is unlike any other because you feel it working from the moment you put it on. The only downside which I've heard from several people is the earthy "patchouli" like scent that those with a sensitive sense of smell might not favor. I personally don't mind it and I enjoy the fact that it's a natural scent instead of something with added fragrance. The secret to the magic is the community trade beeswax from Ethiopia that leaves your skin moisturized between washes. It is the top hand cream recommended for those who might be in a profession that requires a lot of hand washing like the medical field. I have gone through 3 "travel" tubes already and I feel naked if I don't have it on so I am clearly obsessed, I would HIGHLY recommend at least stopping in to a location and trying it.

2. Hemp & Argan 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil Nourishing Facial Oil - Azure

(I got mine from TJ Maxx for $6)

Price online: $24.99 for 50 mL or 1.69 fl oz

This was just something that I grabbed on a random TJ Maxx run but I have fallen in love with this faster than any other skincare product and its because I was able to see results overnight. This specific one is a vegan and cruelty-free blend of 100% Organic Hemp seed oil, Argan Oil, Squalane, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Fruit Oil, and Grapefruit Seed Oil. This would be okay to use on any skin type from dry to oily and everything in between. It made me GLOW and it even helped even out my scars and skin tone after a week. Make sure that you apply this product on a cleansed face and its best if left overnight. Depending on the skin type you can use it multiple times a week.

(TIP- The only concern is that it might not be safe to use on sensitive skin so I would make sure to test it on a patch of skin before applying directly to your face.)

3. Hemp Foot Protector - The Body Shop

Price in-store and online: $20

Dry cracked heels are a thing of the past thanks to this gem also found at The Body Shop. Made with the finest community traded ingredients that I can't stop talking about (hemp from France and beeswax from Ethiopia) it is no surprise that another one of the Body Shops best-selling products made it on my list. This product helps repair dry, cracked heels and helps lock in moisture. I use this product about once a week and notice a huge difference every single time.

(Tip- Your skin repairs and regenerates itself at night so applying heavier products during that time will give you the most benefits.)

4. Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask With Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil - Origins

Price in-store and online: $28 for 2.5 oz

If you're looking for a calming way to end your day and de-stress your senses, look no further because this ultra-hydrating mask formulated with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is the next on my list of latest and greatest products. Unlike the patchouli-scented hand cream, this mask smells like you are getting a facial at a spa. It smells clean and fresh like essential oils but not as strong. It's been recommended by so many people and reviewed on platforms like Glamour and The Good Trade. There is a lot of buzz around this product at the moment, for a good reason.

(Tip- Stick this mask in the fridge before applying it and you'll have this wonderful cooling sensation that will wake up your skin leaving you feeling refreshed.)

5. Hemp Lip Balm - Burt's Bees

Price in-store and online: $3.59

I have been a fan of the Burt's Bees original chapsticks with the peppermint and Vitamin E for years. Once I found out they had come out with a hemp balm I knew I had to give it a try, now I am hooked and am on my second tube within a span of 6 months. Here it is the last and final hemp-based product that made its way onto my list this year. Formulated with nothing but the best, this balm is made with real hemp seed oil which is rich in natural Vitamin E and like any hemp product contains the optimal balance of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. I didn't even get to my favorite part...the scent. OMG guys if you are a fan of clean but light floral scents this lip balm is made for you. It gives me spa vibes because it has a verbena and basil scent. When I am telling you that I am on my second tube its because I literally couldn't put it down. I love taking mini-breaks to apply this product because it's like you're literally treating yourself, talk about #selflove.

There you have it guys, my top 5 products of fall 2020. If you have any suggestions for other tips or tricks you would like me to share feel free to reach out in the "contact" tab and let me know!



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