• Jamila Wardak

For Milad / Deserve nothing less

You deserve your Prince Charming

Periodt. Nothing less.

Don’t sit there

Wallow in the mess

You’re alive

You’re healthy

Open the curtains today

Get up

Start cleaning

Throw some shit away

Marie Kondo your life boo

Keep things that bring joy

The rest will lay heavy

So think less

Let go of the bad vibes

Follow your instincts

You know what to do

He didn’t save you

He didn’t even try


Now it’s time to pay attention

Tell Felicia, bye.

You’ve grown so much

More mature now

Thankful for your experiences

the broken trust

Move on, move up

In your own life

You will succeed

I’m so proud of you

For the life you choose to lead

Can’t wait to be therapy friends

Reflect on life

Positivity in sight

Laying on the beach

The world at our feet

It’s important to know yourself

And know what you’re worth

But you know that now

Prince Charming

Will never come first.

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