• Jamila Wardak

Future of America

The future of America in the hands of today’s youth our children need protection they deserve the truth Sitting ducks fearing for their lives hiding under desks at school praying to survive NRA collecting funds for men with guns government lies who are we teaching the death toll continues to rise gun laws declared unconstitutional while our children sit there screaming blood paints the halls of our schools teachers watching and grieving please pick up a pen not a gun talk of making America Great again things have only gotten worse this war is far from the end racism at an all-time high watching it happen standing idly by unable to empathize sons, daughters brothers and sisters friends, teachers, and mentors innocent lives are being mourned creating another empty post sorry for your loss never again in desperate need understand America was never great what does great again mean land of the free home of the brave guns undocumented none are safe our guns easily obtained by our kids those “mentally unstable” and “disturbed” time to open our hearts and minds such tragedies would have never occurred if restrictions were put in place on time a gun license or a permit backgrounds checks mental health resources we provide 22 mass shootings this year alone more students than soldiers have died these children are the future 2018 is the perfect time to make a change stand up and be a guide to our children help them survive the future of America in the hands of today’s youth help them guide them tell the truth bring them home from school alive


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