• Jamila Wardak

Goodbye Childhood

Updated: May 14, 2020

I am about to start a brand new chapter in my life. I keep wandering around my apartment in Fremont thinking about how crazy it is that this won’t be my home in a few days. I have lived in this apartment complex since 2013. I met my first boyfriend here, had my first kiss and pretty much found myself in this city. I really do love the Bay Area and I am sad to leave it behind. San Jose and San Francisco are two of the most amazing cities in the world and I am so blessed to have lived so close to both. I feel like Los Angeles and Southern California also have so much to offer. I am moving because of school and because this has been my dream since high school. I told myself that I would move out of the bay and into LA to achieve my dreams. I am going to be a famous journalist and this move is going to be the beginning of the rest of my life. For some reason I feel like I am leaving my childhood behind with this move. I am leaving my apartment I grew up in, putting on my big girl pants and starting my life. This is not a goodbye to the Bay because my family and best friends still live here so I will be visiting quite often. This is a goodbye to my childhood, and a hello to my new adult life. Goodbye to this little room I called home for the last 5 years. I just can’t believe that when I come back to visit and step into my room it’s never going to look or feel the same. It is crazy how fast life changes.


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