• Jamila Wardak

it’s complicated..

Updated: May 14, 2020

I’ve never been a jealous person

For some reason I hate her

I am jealous of her

With everyday, it gets worse

I just hope you know

I’m here even if it hurts

I can’t even begin to explain

The emotions that consume me

Every time you mention her name

I wonder if you’ll ever love me the same

I fucking hate her

For what she did to you

I know you’re hurting

But at this point, it’s hurting me too

And I am learning every day

I just need to be patient

Watch what I say

I just need to stay calm

For both of us

Stay strong

Enjoy today

worry about tomorrow

Not yesterday

Please try and forget the sorrows of the past

Make new memories that last

One day you will move on

Think of me instead

Or at least try to

But even if it doesn’t work out

Without a doubt

You are my best friend through and through

And honestly

I really do love you


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