• Jamila Wardak

Lake Tahoe//Paradise

The day before you died

you looked into my eyes

and promised to get better,

at least well enough to travel.

To take me back to Lake Tahoe

a paradise where the sun always shines

silhouettes of giant white fur and pine

paint the night sky.

The crisp cool breeze

whistles as it passes through the trees

and the sound of the water in the lake

crashing against the many rocks

will wash away any bad thoughts

& make a person feel brand new.

That one special night in July

you made your world famous kabob

as we sat fireside

on a make-shift barbecue

right outside of a camping site we snuck into, illegally.

As we sat around a roaring fire

watching the embers slowly dying

you glanced up to admire the stars and the moon,

said they looked extra special from that view.

We all sat there, and smiled

it was one of those rare moments of bliss

I thought to myself, this is it.

This was what it felt like to be in a happy family

growing up we had our fair share of problems

but every trip to Tahoe felt like the solution

The water and the wind washed away our troubles

I guess you can say

I was hoping for a miracle

To bring us back to the one place

I felt safe

In that moment the entire world

was in a state of equilibrium.

On November 14th

you did travel

you left this world

to venture off to a different kind of paradise.

One that outshines

our humble heaven on earth.

One day, I will be able to join you

this time

the troubles that we’ve faced

will be just a memory

you and I will be looking up


For now, I know you are always around

here on earth I will stand my ground

wait patiently till we can meet again

in paradise.


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