• Jamila Wardak

Letter to my selfless lover

To my selfless lover

You know who you are

Didn’t expect to like you

But I’ve always liked your car

here we are

First semester at lb state

My pussy becomes your escape

You introduce me to your beautiful city

Showed me the best views

Saying I’m pretty

Hyping me up at times I don’t expect it

I plan on returning the favor

Don’t you get it

forget her

That girl from your past

She left you

On a hunt to find some trash

Think with your brain

What is it saying

Brain freeze

ice cubes got me paraphrasing

My mouth around that dick

You rubbing on my clit

saying I taste so sweet

That I’m all you need

I’m your extra boost of confidence

feeling all complete

Got yourself a princess 👑

A new girl you can’t get enough of

fucks you like she’s in love

And you know I need it

attention from you

Gets my bed wet

you sparked my curiosity

been through trash recently

Couldn’t think straight

So here you go

A personalized letter

Don’t think I could have said it better


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