• Jamila Wardak

Playing games

Updated: May 14, 2020

22 year old woman from Queens

Moved to SoCal to fulfill my dreams

Dedicated, loyal, hardworking, polite

the man I’m in love with is kinda blind

He doesn’t see that I’m one of a kind

He doesn’t see past the similarities

The ones of me and his ex

Never lets me forget

Brings it up every chance he gets

Apparently we even feel the same during sex

And say the same thing through text

He says thank you next and no regrets

But still replies to her when she texts

He gets upset when she’s on my mind too

She wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for you

I really don’t know why though honestly

Why am I chasing after you so desperately

This is very unlike me

I shouldn’t care that you’re not mine

I’m also not gonna beg and whine

A woman like me is hard to come by

And someone who can’t see my worth

Just feels like a huge waste of my time

So what are we doing

Feels like we’re playing games

I’m done with this tic tac toe Tetris shit

For a second I thought you completed me

But I was wrong

It was just the wrong fit

nothing new to me


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