• Jamila Wardak

To my best friend

Updated: May 14, 2020

By my side

Through the good and bad

Partners in crime

Best I’ve ever had

Thank you for everything

For all that you do

For putting a smile on my face

for knowing what I’m going through

My dory ass is always lost

You always know where to look

When I get lost within myself

You can read me like a book

I can count on you to know

Exactly what to do

When I feel broken inside

You show up

And bring the glue

You can put back the pieces

better than anyone I’ve known

Thank you for being there

I no longer feel alone

Thanks for keeping me warm

These long winter nights

These last few months have been dark

thanks for hanging twinkle lights

Thanks for everything best friend

I moved out here for a reason

I want you to reach your goals

And push you to achieve them

I hope you’ll come back to this

Whenever you feel down

To remind you of how amazing you are

And that I’ll always be around 😘


#california #writing #deepthoughts #friendship #journal #feelings #motivation #relationships #personal #poetry #friends #inspiration #emotional #lifestyle

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