• Jamila Wardak

Vibratos of my love

Our love consists of vibratos

I want the world to hear, someday

For now, I sing it silently to myself

The shower, my current stage

I’ve rehearsed so many times

I’ve memorized every note

One day I wish the world can hear

The beautiful story we wrote

For now, I will cherish our secret

Savor every line

My love for you will continue to grow

And get louder throughout time

It sounds like I’m eager

it’s such a beautiful tune

I want the world to hear it

but It could wear out too soon

We shall continue to sing in secret

Until wedding bells chime

Then our song of love will play

But I will be whispering every line

Our love consists of vibratos

I love and cherish so much

I want the world to sing it with me

My world, just you and I


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