by Jamila Wardak

Our love consists of vibratos

I want the world to hear, someday

For now I sing it silently to myself

The shower, my current stage

I’ve rehearsed so many times

I’ve memorized every note

One day I wish the world can hear

The beautiful story we wrote

For now I will cherish our secret

Savor every line

My love for you will continue to grow

And get louder throughout time

It sounds like I’m eager

It’s such a beautiful tune

I want the world to hear it

But it could wear out too soon

We shall continue to sing in secret

Until wedding bells chime

Then our song of love will play

But I will be whispering every line

Our love consists of vibratos

I love and cherish so much

I want the world to sing it with me

My world, just you and I


The Poets Symphony: Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems (p. 36). Raw Earth Ink. Kindle Edition.  

Happiness is easy

Comes naturally

Leaves suddenly

Returns unexpectedly

Stays comfortably

And lives honestly

Happiness looks light 💡

Feels sensual

Tastes powerful

And sounds like laughter

infectious laughter

that leaves you in tears

Happiness is a friend

Who stops by to say hi

Even in the worst times

Happiness is remembered

And loved

Happiness is needed

And wanted

Happiness is craved

what is the purpose of living without it

It is as important as a brain

and as strong as A heart

Once you stop living

The memory of your happiness will live on

So protect it

And nurture it

Create a garden within yourselves

Allow it to bloom the most obscure flowers

Let it fill your life with colors

And please share this experience with others

Because happiness spreads like a wildfire

So I’m igniting the light

Planting the seeds

And clearing the debris

So that happiness can stay

For as long as it needs

And when it does decide to leave

We let it

For happiness is like fresh air

It can’t be contained

If it was always there

We would never notice it

That’s why it’s so special when it comes to visit

I think I’m in love with happiness

Commit to a beautiful life with me!
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